The End of Space and Time

String theory in its many incarnations provides a theoretical framework to answer some of the deepest questions, often with surprising results. At the same time, it raises some disturbing new questions, making painfully clear how little we understand of our Universe. Continue Reading →

Karlheinz Stockhausen | Signale zur Invasion (trombone on electronic tape)

Octophonie & Signale zur Invasion | Karlheinz Stockhausen

Signale zur Invasion (1992) is performed simultaneously with Octophonie (1991), both pieces are part of Dienstag from Stockhausen’s monumental
Opera Cycle Licht. The trombonist plays and walks a parcours amongst the audience whilst the video-artist divides it into equal protanganists. Continue Reading →

Impressions de Pelléas | Claude Debussy

Impressions de Pelléas | Claude Debussy

Debussy has created a new kind of musical drama with Pelléas. The text, by the Belgian Nobel prize winner Maurice Maeterlinck, is incorporated word for word. The play is a high point in symbolism and explores psychology, humankind’s deepest nature and feelings. Continue Reading →

Trixie Whitley | Porta Bohemica

Still from the concert visuals for Trixie Whitley ’s Porta Bohemica tour.
On-screen visuals are developed in close colaboration with Victor Robyn . Continue Reading →

Quaderno di strada | Salvatore Sciarrino

Salvatore Sciarrino schreef de dertiendelige liedcyclus Quaderno di strada in 2003. De teksten zijn kort: spreuken, aforismen, zelfs graffiti en losse regels uit een tijdschrift – onderweg gevonden, zoals de titel aangeeft.
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Federico García Lorca

Federico García Lorca

‘It was pain itself, singing behind a smile,’ wrote Federico García Lorca, outwardly happy, inwardly torn. Continue Reading →

HYOID & ATON’&ARMIDE | Wanneer ze sterven, zingen de mensen

Quando Stanno Morendo | Luigi Nono

De muziek is vaak verstild, zelfs fragiel. Op andere momenten creëert Nono door elektronische manipulatie van de instrumenten een mysterieus, soms verontrustend klankgeweld dat via een hele reeks luidsprekers de luisteraars sonisch inkapselt.

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Crippled Symmetry | Morton Feldman

In Morton Feldman’s music, silence plays a prominent role, thanks to the hushed volume and the interval between sounds. Continue Reading →

Pierrot Lunaire – Opus 21 | Arnold Schönberg

Pierrot Lunaire, composed by Arnold Schönberg in 1912 on poems by the Belgian symbolist Albert Giraud. The music of Arnold Schönberg, especially ‘Pierrot Lunaire’, is a hallucinatory masterpiece and an absolute landmark of musical history.
Performed with the Belgian ensemble Het Collectief. Continue Reading →

2x2 Performance

Long String(s)

Metres-long piano strings, stretched through the Atrium and amplified by gigantic, polystyrene sound boxes. When struck, the strings get a vibration that travels along them like a wave, swelling in sound as it goes. Continue Reading →