A research on generative design in cross-disciplinary performances.

In contemporary classical music the duration is fixed and clearly described in the score. Music improvisation, on the other hand, has no defined chronology or end.

In my doctoral research I assess how interactive generative video relates to the musicality and dynamics of cross-disciplinary performances?

WORP | Common Grounds – VSAC19 Conference, BAC Leuven 23.08.19

Can working with and altering of interactive generative video in cross-disciplinary artworks help to understand and explore intersubjective interaction in response to a system that includes digital technology?

Promotor: Dr. Mark Delaere (KU Leuven)
Co-promotor: Dr. Steven Devleminck (LUCA)
Duration: 2017 – 2021

This research project is commissioned by the LUCA School of Arts and the Mediated Environments Research Group | LUCA Intermedia Research Unit. Its main goals are the development, the support and the conceptualization of artistic research within LUCA Faculty of the Arts. Visit www.luca-arts.be for more information.

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