In order to gain a better understanding of my research topic and creative proces as a visual artist, I choose to dive deeper into two representative projects I created in the passed few years. Both projects are still being performed. Just like my dissertation and a better understanding of my creative proces, these works keep on evolving.

Crippled Symmetry
Morton Feldman

14.04.2016: Crippled Symmetry, Miryzaal – Gent

I performed the contemporary composition ‘Crippled Symmetry’ by American Composer Morton Feldman (1926 – 1987) for the first time on November 8 – 2014, during SLOW (36H) – Concertgebouw Brugge (BE) together with the chamber music ensemble ‘Het Collectief’.
Find out more on the Crippled Symmetry case study page.

Oktophonie & Signale zur Invasion
Karlheinz Stockhausen

Teaser for Signale zur Invasion | aus Dienstag | aus Licht

‘Signale zur Invasion, aus Dienstag, aus Licht’ by Karlheinz Stockhausen, which I perform together with trombonist Thomas R. Moore and sound designer Patrick Delges, premiered on Januari 14 – 2016 during the Cosmic Pulses Festival in De Bijloke – Gent (BE).
Find out more on the Octophonie case study page.

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