Composed by Morton Feldman (1983) – 85min.

Teaser for the Crippled Symmetry Performance

In the contemporary composition Crippled Symmetry, Feldman builds on repetitive motifs (patterns), knotting and weaving his sounds the way Anatolian nomads make their carpets. It is from those carpets that Feldman borrowed the concept of imperfect or ‘crippled’ symmetry.

In Morton Feldman’s music, silence plays a prominent role, thanks to the hushed volume and the interval between sounds. 

Performed by: Het Collectief
Thomas Dieltjens, piano & celesta | Toon Fret, flute | Tom De Cock, percussion
Klaas Verpoest, Video

I’m still busy completing this case study. please, come back for some further reading on the creation proces, performances and possible conclusions.

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