Composed by Karlheinz Stockhausen – 46min.

Signale zur Invasion | aus Dienstag | aus Licht: video only

Signale zur Invasion (1992) is performed simultaneously with Octophonie (1991), both pieces are part of Dienstag from Stockhausen’s monumental Opera Cycle Licht. The trombonist plays and walks a parcours amongst the audience whilst the video-artist divides it into equal protanganists.

Karlheinz Stockhausen was a radical, an extremely important but also controversial innovator. He is also one of the most important musical minds of the past century. His electronic music inspired several generations of musicians, even outside the realm of so-called art music. He broke rules and traversed boundaries. His music was extremely complex, but in all the abstraction it is also sensual and engaging.

Performed by:
Thomas R. Moore: trombone | Klaas Verpoest: video | Patrick Delges, Centre Henri Pousseur: electronics

Signale zur Invasion | aus Dienstag | aus Licht – Cosmic Pulses Festival, De Bijloke 2.12.17

I’m still busy completing this case study. please, come back for some further reading on the creation proces, performances and possible conclusions.

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