‘WORP’ is an cross-media improvising collective, combining musicians, visual artists and dancers. Through each performance, they explore the borders of the different media involved.

Sound receives a body. Movement creates traces. Form becomes sound. A game of feedback arises, dissolving the contours between instruments, players and material.

Peter Jacquemyn (double bass, voice), Jan Pillaert (tuba, voice), Klaas Verpoest (visuals), Geraldo Si (dance), Vincent Caers (live electronics, percussion) and Sofia Kakouri (dance) have been performing together in different configurations. Fundamental to their collaboration is the improvisational approach, the equality of art-forms and the transfer of each performer’s attitude into an unique interdisciplinary experience, adopting each others strategy.

By definition, music and movement are temporary, mobile and repeatable. Plastic arts are unique, static and made for eternity. The collective brings unique, not repeatable music and exercise combined and confronted with plastic arts and this with a pronounced temporary performance character. The action leads to the idea, the interaction shows the way.

28.10.2017: Impact Session – Vooruit, Gent
26.01.2018: sound//vision at International Film Festival Rotterdam – WORM, Rotterdam
14.10.18: Lovt, Brussels
20.10.18: Open Studio – BatimentA, Leuven

28.11.18: Show Research #7 – Terrarium, Brussels

Peter Jacquemyn: Double Base | Voice
Jan Pillaert: bastuba | Voice
Vincent Caers: live electronics
Klaas Verpoest: live video
Geraldo Si: dance
Lazara Rosell Albear & Sofia Kakouri: dance | pocket trumpet

Pictures by Marilyn Desmet