Mister Linh flees his war-ravaged country in search of a better future for his granddaughter. Mister Linh doesn’t feel at home in the foreign land where he finds himself, until one day he meets mister Bark.

Based on a novella by Philippe Claudel Het kleine meisje van meneer Linh is a moving story about a man who has to flee his country with the little he has left.
Koen de Sutter does the show as a monologue. Because De Sutter is alone on stage and performs all of the roles – the narrator, Mr Linh and Mr Bark – it gains a special flavour, atmosphere and significance. It becomes a show about the power of the imagination and of portrayal. De Sutter tells the story with all of the means available to him: dramatic action, words, images, music, sound, projections….

director: Guy Cassiers
text: Philippe Claudel
– Koen de Sutter (Dutch spoken version)
– Jérome Kircher (French spoken version)
– Jules Werner (English spoken version)
– Lluis Homar (Spanish spoken version)

video design: Klaas Verpoest
sound design: Diederik de Cock
kostuumadvies: Tim Van Steenbergen
production: Toneelhuis

30.09.18: Het Kleine meisje van Mijnheer Linh (premiere) | Het Toneelhuis – Antwerpen
15.03.18: La petite fille de monsieur Linh (premiere) | Le Phénix – Valenciennes (FR)

07.12.18: La néta del Senyor Linh (premiere) | Temporada Alta Festival – Girona (ES)
03.05.19: Monsieur Linh and his child (premiere) | Les Théâtres de la ville de Luxembourg – Luxembourg (LU)

On tour in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Luxembourg,… (visit Toneelhuis for all data)

“Very beautiful production, because the essence of the story is about a search for contact that transcends inadequate communication through language. Cassiers works with a ‘moving typography’ to give the very poetic but also concise and purified text a kind of deeper emotion.”– Evelyne Coussens in Klara , 2 October 2017