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Impressions de Pelléas | Claude Debussy

    Debussy has created a new kind of musical drama with Pelléas. The text, by the Belgian Nobel prize winner Maurice Maeterlinck, is incorporated word for word. The play is a high point in symbolism and explores psychology, humankind’s deepest nature and feelings. Much of the appeal of the piece—it has been set to music a total of five times—hides in the shroud of mystery that envelops the characters and their mutual intrigues. That Debussy’s version is the most popular has everything to do with the composer being able to perfectly translate the sultry, mysterious atmosphere of the story into a magnificent interplay between sound and colour.

    09.08.2018: MaFestival – Concertgebouw, Brugge
    18.04.2018: Opera 21 – De Bijloke, Gent
    10.03.2018: Klara Festival – Flagey, Brussel
    07.10.2017: Festival 20/21 – 30cc, Leuven

    Lore Binon: Mélisande
    Pierre-Yves Pruvot: Golaud
    Reinoud Van Mechelen: Pelléas
    Tijl Faveyts: Arkel
    Angélique Noldus: Généviève
    Camille Bauer: Yniold
    Inge Spinette & Jan Michiels: piano (DUO YIN-YANG)
    Klaas verpoest & Jan Duerinck: Kinetic Typography
    Dimitri Stuyven: Light Design
    Picture: Guy Buys