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    “OR” is a performative installation based on Morton Feldman’s composition ‘Why Patterns?’ and functions both as a performance space and as an immersive installation experienced by the audience.

    The term “OR” is a logical operator that is commonly used in logic, mathematics, and computer programming. It is used to express a logical disjunction, meaning that at least one of the conditions or statements being evaluated must be true for the entire expression to be considered true. In logic, the symbol for the logical OR operator is typically represented as “v”.
    The performative installation “OR” consists of two translucent projection surfaces perpendicular to each other in the shape of a “v”. Each projection surface is lit by a projector and show patterns generated in real-time and in relation to each other OR in response to sound and movement.

    The installation is activated by the performance ‘TTT plays FFF/FFF by TTT’, performed by Het Collectief. This performance consists of three compositions: Feldman’s ‘Why Patterns?’ and two new pieces composed by David Fennessy and Jean-Luc Fafchamps respectively.The musicians play in the ‘v’ shape, between the two translucent projection surfaces, the audience is positioned outside the ‘v’ shape.

    Through these translucent surfaces, the performers and the projection are inseparable for the audience. In addition, the space is filled with a fine haze that makes the light rays coming from the two projectors visible, further enhancing the immersive experience for the audience.

    Upon being activated by the performance, the performative installation harnesses the foundational structures from Feldman’s composition to create an ever-changing flow of generated patterns. These patterns manifest dynamically in both visual and auditory forms, constantly evolving in real time. The immersive installation allows visitors to move freely inside and outside the ‘V’ shape. With its generative design, the installation evolves over time, guaranteeing a unique experience with each visit.

    the performance ‘TTT plays FFF/FFF by TTT’ consists of the following compositions:
    Why Patterns? (1978) Morton FELDMAN (1926-1987)
    Nieuw werk (2025) David FENNESSY (°1976)
    For Morton Feldman (2025) Jean-Luc FAFCHAMPS (°1960)

    Performed by Het Collectief
    Toon Fret, flute
    Thomas Dieltjens, piano
    Tom De Cock, percussion
    Klaas Verpoest, video performance

    OR” is a coproduction of Kortrijk Festival (B) and New Music Festival Dublin (IRL)
    Première Belgium | 15 March 2025, Kortrijk Festival (B)
    Première Ireland | 24-27 April 2025, New Music Festival Dublin (IRL)