Common Grounds is a cross-disciplinary improvisation performance in which the performers assess how the relationship between visual language, language, movement and sound can be redesigned, materialised again in real time and in relation to each other , the audience and the performance space.

‘Sichtlaut’ is an cross-media improvising collective, combining musicians, visual artists and dancers. Through each performance, they explore the borders of the different media involved.

Teaser: Sichtlaut – Common Grounds

Peter Jacquemyn: Double Base | Voice
Jan Pillaert: bastuba | Voice
Vincent Caers: live electronics
Geraldo Si: dance
Lazara Rosell Albear: dance | pocket trumpet
Sofia Kakouri: dance | pocket trumpet
Klaas Verpoest: live video

Performed on October 24, 2019 – BAC Art Lab, Leuven [B]
Camera | Pierre Michel Zaleski

Full Performance of Sichtlaut – Common Grounds| 24.10.2019 – BAC Art Lab, Leuven [B]