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Sichtlaut Pigment

    To do! We do: not the things we had in mind. We just DO!

    The fundamental cohesion of motion, trace and sound results in the pictorial creation,the sound-picture and the choreography : simple and transparent and at the same timecomplex and poly-interpretable concerning contents and emotions. The action leads to the idea, the interaction shows the way.

    Peter Jacquemyn (B) – Double Base/Voice, Wu Wei (D) – Sheng, Gunda Gottschalk (D) – Violin
    I-Fen Lin (D) & Geraldo Si (D) – Dance
    Sigrid tanghe (B) & Klaas Verpoest (B) – Projection

    25.09.2008: Try out at Cafe Ada – Wuppertal (D)
    13.11.2008: CC de Brouckere – Torhout
    04.12.2008: CC Strombeek – Grimbergen

    CCTorhout2008-11-12 at 20-54-08

    CCTorhout2008-11-12 at 20-39-23

    CCTorhout2008-11-12 at 20-53-43