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Benjamin Glorieux

Weg van Bach

    In december 2022, cellist Benjamin Glorieux went on a week-long journey from Arnstadt to Lübeck. With his cello on his back, Glorieux followed the same route that Bach took 300 years ago, in order to hear his great hero Buxtehude play. Bach’s cello suites formed the rhythmic thread during his walks: “As I heard the music sounded in my mind or played live, I collected reflections, ideas and insights that will guide the live performance.”

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    The Solitary One

      There you are, solitary in the middle of a pitch-black hole. How did you get there, and how could you get out? You’re shouting, screaming, signaling to the outside world, but everything seems to return to you like a boomerang. Nothing can escape the horizon, or does it? Is there something or someone out there who might see or hear your experience inside? 

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      The End of Space and Time

        String theory in its many incarnations provides a theoretical framework to answer some of the deepest questions, often with surprising results. At the same time, it raises some disturbing new questions, making painfully clear how little we understand of our Universe.

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          De Gentse componist Daan Janssens schreef een nieuw werk dat speciaal geconcipieerd werd om een geheel te vormen met Quando Stanno Morendo. (…nada.) is het derde deel uit Jannsens’ cyclus (Paysages – études). De uitvoering is in handen van het Belgische ensemble Aton’&Armide (Benjamin Glorieux and Sara Picavet) en Centre Henri Pousseur.
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