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Why Patterns?

    Why Patterns? is a minimalist composition by American composer Morton Feldman and is the starting point for this production. In addition to myself, composers David Fennessy and Jean-Luc Fafchamps are each creating a new composition.

    My contribution consists of two different components that are inextricably linked. On the one hand, there is the visual component for the live performance ‘TTT plays FFF/FFF by TTT’, performed by Het Collectief. This performance consists of three compositions: Feldman’s ‘Why Patterns?’ and two new pieces composed by David Fennessy and Jean-Luc Fafchamps respectively. On the other hand, there is the ‘Why Patterns? ‘ installation consisting of 4 modules of 3 compact screens each (there are three musicians/instruments), which can be seen as a prelude or visual research to the actual performance.

    What if each instrument represents a star and you assume that you can apply seismological, hydrodynamic, spectral,… algorithms to it, what does that say about the patterns in the composition? Possible comparative analyses of the data from these different instruments will hopefully result in beautiful visual textures and patterns that could potentially unlock this data for an audience in a poetic way.

    the performance ‘TTT plays FFF/FFF by TTT’ consists of the following compositions:
    Why Patterns? (1978) Morton FELDMAN (1926-1987)
    Nieuw werk (2025) David FENNESSY (°1976)
    For Morton Feldman (2025) Jean-Luc FAFCHAMPS (°1960)

    Performed by Het Collectief
    Toon Fret, flute
    Thomas Dieltjens, piano
    Tom De Cock, percussion
    Klaas Verpoest, video performance

    In collaboration with
    Prof. Leen Decin, Institute of Astronomy KUL
    Mediated Environments Reserach Cluster, LUCA School of Arts

    ‘TTT plays FFF/FFF by TTT’ is a coproduction of Kortrijk Festival (B) and New Music Festival Dublin (IRL)
    1 April 2025, De Link – Tilburg (NL)
    5 or 6 April 2025, New Music Festival Dublin (IRL)
    20 May 2025, Tivoli Vredenburg – Utrecht (NL)